6 calendar apps that spring ahead

Your phone comes with a calendar app, but does it suit you? Save the day (and the week, month, and year) with a calendar app that will help you spring ahead.

Google Calendar (iOS, Android)

Google Calendar is old hat for
Android users, but it was noticeably absent from iOS until this week. Now iPhone users can create calendar events directly from Gmail and get the graphically appealing new Schedule View, and Google Calendar integrates with Exchange and iCloud calendars . Given the app’s new features, Android users might decide they don’t need an alternative calendar.

Sunrise Calendar (iOS, Android)

Sunrise Calendar just might make you happy to greet the morning. It has a modern, streamlined interface; an easy three-day week view; autocomplete during event creation; and Google, iCloud Calendar, and Facebook integration so you can include guest photos, directions, and weather for upcoming events. How good is the app? Microsoft bought it last month, but it will remain free and available for both mobile and desktop.

Cal (iOS, Android)

Some calendars are too complicated. Cal’s tools help you schedule better: it autocompletes entries through advanced recognition, incorporates a task tracker (powered by Any.do), lets you schedule with a swipe and communicate with friends (and Uber).

Cloze (iOS, Android)

Cloze doesn’t just list the bare minimum — names, places, times — but also puts these into context. The app connects your contacts, email, social media, and calendar, so you see your meetings, reminders, follow-ups, and alerts with pertinent info on all involved parties.

Cannonball Visual Calendar (iOS, Android)

Cannonball Visual Calendar adds large images to your calendar events, along with great extras like Facebook birthdays, with links to friends’ walls, directions, check-ins, and more. No plans? The app’s local music and deal announcements can help you find some.

CalenGoo (iOS, Android)

CalenGoo syncs to your Google Calendar and Tasks and lets you quickly access and edit them directly from your phone. If you don’t use Google Calendar, just sync to your iOS calendar.

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